Pneumatic loading arm with telescopic vertical tube
2013-9-10 15:11:18
  Pneumatic loading arm with telescopic vertical tube consists of inner arm, outer arm, telescopic vertical tube, swivel joint, cylinder, pneumatic motor lift system, post and operation desk. Cylinder 1 controls inner arm and cylinder 2 controls outer arm to horizontally move swivel joint from side to side and pneumatic motor drives telescopic vertical tube to move outer arm from side to side and vertical tube up and down, finally achieving automatic alignment. It can reduce labor burden and special tight cover for oil and gas recovery and level warning sensor can be equipped as required. Enclosed loading under positive pressure can be realized.
  Model selection


  Easy hand valve operation to move outer arm horizontally and telescopic vertical tube up and down;
  Practical application of many users proves its high reliability;
  Largely reduce working intensity of the operator and enhance security;
  Good enclosed loading under positive pressure;
  Without gas source, manual loading arm available for uninterruptable loading;
  Low maintenance requirements to reduce risks of equipment stop.

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