Orthogonal Structure Internal Floating Roof(Aluminum/ Stainless Steel)
2013-9-26 11:32:09
        The main framework of the flow bowl type inner floating roof is the sandwich girder combined cover plate set up on the floating pipe. One/two sealing will be done around the tank wall to minimize the amount the volatile organic compounds (VOC) volatilize.

  Nowadays, inner floating roof sealing system has been widely used in storage of petrochemical products. With many years of experience in design, production and installation, our company can provide in time the most cost effective floating roof sealing system in various models with high quality and excellent design. All systems are complied with specification API 650 Appendix H, and all components are produced under our strict control, inspections and tests have been done to ensure their quality.

Signification of Model 


  • Easy to install, support legs stand in line;
  • Lower-cost and less expensive than hexagon structure, economical and practical;
  • According to customer requirements, select pontoons: Φ260、Φ200、Φ185 ect.




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