Bionic Grid Structure Internal Floating Roof( Aluminium /Stainless Steel)
2013-9-26 11:34:16

Floating pontoon type internal floating roofs is consist of a series of interconnected hollow tubular pontoons surfaced with a grid of beams and sheets. The annular space between tank shells is to be sealed by the primary foam seal & secondary wiper seal. Those seals can effectively reduce VOC emissions and project losses of the stored liquid products.

The pontoon type Internal Floating Roof is to be of the non-contact type per API650 Appendix H Section H Section H.2.2.e. 

CPEPT put the decades of experience in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of internal floating roofs to offer high quality and efficiency as well as eco-friendly products for all you need.

Our pontoon type internal floating roofs have three kinds of structure:  

  •      Bionic Grid Structure (Aluminum/Stainless Steel)
  •      Orthogonal Structure (Aluminum/ Stainless Steel)
  •      Hexagon Structure (Aluminum) 

Signification of Model 

Model Instruction:

Bionic grid structure aluminum internal floating roof, Tank inner diameter: 21000mm, Tank capacity: 5000 m³

ZGFΦ21000mm/5000 m³.
Bionic grid structure stainless steel internal floating roofTank inner diameter: 21000mm, Tank capacity: 5000 m³




  • Bionic grid structure, high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Many small size pontoons, compact structure
  • Rugged construction, durability and efficiency
  • Reduce emissions and energy-saving
  • High utilization ratio of storage tank
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Good static conductive and safety
  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant and long service life

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