Hexagon Structure Aluminium Internal Floating Roof
2013-9-26 11:35:13
The pontoon type Internal Floating Roof is to be of the non-contact type per API650 Appendix H Section H Section H.2.2.e. 

CPEPT put the decades of experience in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of internal floating roofs to offer high quality and efficiency as well as eco-friendly products for all you need.

Our pontoon type internal floating roofs have three kinds of structure:  

  • Bionic Grid Structure (Aluminum/Stainless Steel)
  • Orthogonal Structure (Aluminum/ Stainless Steel)
  • Hexagon Structure (Aluminum) 

Signification of Model

Model Instruction:

ZLNFΦ21000mm/5000 m³

Hexagon structure aluminum internal floating roof, Tank inner diameter: 21000mm, Tank capacity: 5000 m³


The beam as main skeletal element of internal floating roof is hot extruded. Structural element (beam) and buoyancy element (pontoon) are combined to become one element.
The cross-section’s central principal moment of inertia is up to 416 cm4 to ensure high integral rigidity. This is in the advanced technology in domestic and considered to be an originality in China.
The vertical connected beams are designed to be removable and continuous to form stable triangle structure.
The hot extruded beams and pontoons not only solve the longitudinal weld safety problems of the buoyancy element, but also avoid material thinning, elongation and strength conflicts and stress corrosion problems due to cold processing method.
The head of the beam and pontoons combined element are used the technologies of light extension, inner pressure sealing and end welding, solving thin aluminum weld due to head outer welding. This product use tungsten argon arc welding technology so as to select the larger welding current to ensure welding quality (welding penetration≥2mm).
The design thickness of pontoons in GB50341-2003 is 1.2mm while the actual thickness is more than 1.4mm.
Centre plate and vent valve are combined to become one element. The structure is more compact and the balance performance is much better.
The internal floating roof material use wrought alloy aluminum 6063T5 or anti-rust alloy aluminum 3003H24. The surface is treated by anticathode oxidation which greatly improves the rigidity and anti-corrosion.
Each pontoon and beam combined element is tested and certified leak free prior to shipment.


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