Hunan Changjiang Petrochemical Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd (CPEPT)is a new high-tech manufacturing enterprise speci…
        General   Loading arm is an exclusive device used
The secondary seal reduces the evaporation losses of the primary seal, and it also prevents the
CPEPT HF Series Floating Suction Unit are installed inside storage tanks, connected with
Steel delivery platform
Flame Arrester Series for Tank and Pipeline Flame Arrester is a safety device which is us
The pontoon type Internal Floating Roof is to be of the non-contact type per API650 Appendix H Secti
        Full contact honeycomb Internal Floating Roof (IFR)
        The main framework of the flow bowl type inner float
Floating pontoon type internal floating roofs is consist of a series of interconnected hollow
        Overview   Pneumatic loading arm with telescopic ve
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