Flame Arrester Series for Tank and Pipeline
2014-3-3 14:39:15

Flame Arrester Series for Tank and Pipeline

Flame Arrester is a safety device which is used for prevent flammable gas, liquid flame from spread and prevent flash back caused explosions. Usually it mounted on the storage tank and pipelines transfer and discharge flammable gas, such as the torch burning heating systems, petroleum gas recovery system or other flammable gas system.

Corrugated Blast-proof Arrester with compact structure, high reliability, the fire core with strong blast-proof and corrosion resistance and fire resistance and easy to cleaning which production from imported UK and Germany advanced technology, combined with our advanced processing equipment and perfect testing device. Particularly it is suitable for hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, liquefied gas and other special medium.

Technical Parameters

Suitable for petrochemicals flash-point lower than 60˚C, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, methylbenzene, etc.

Operating temperature: ≤480˚C

Shell materials: Carbon steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel (SUS304、SUS304L、SUS316、SUS316L) .

Fire arresting material: stainless steel corrugated plate

Ex degree: BS5501:IIA、IIB、IIC

Manufacture and inspection standard: refer to standard of GB5908-86.

Flange standard: HG20592~97PN1.0

If customer want to change pressure degree and use GB、SH、HGJ、JB、ANSI、JIS flange standard, please remark in the order contract.

Drawer Arrester for tank (CYZ-I model)

Corrugated blast-proof arrester for tankCYZ-II


Corrugated blast-proof arrester for pipeline (CYZ-A)

Cooling empty arrester for pipeline

Hydraulic relief valve is located on the top of tank, tied for use with breather valve. It keeps security when the breather valve out of work.

Gravel Arrester (CYZ-C)


Blast-proof arresting ventilation cap (CYM)

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