Top Loading Arm
2013-9-10 15:13:33
  Loading arm is an exclusive device used for liquid loading/unloading in petrochemical industry. It is a movable device composed by swivel joint, rigid pipe and elbow for liquid medium transmission between tank wagon, tank truck and loading bridge pipeline. Due to its high safety, flexibility and long life, it is widely used in chemical industry and other industries for receiving and sending various raw liquid materials.
  Nowadays, loading arm has already been widely used in petroleum and chemical industry and other industries for receiving and sending various raw liquid materials. With many years of experience in design, production and installation, our company can provide in time the most cost effective liquid loading/unloading arms in various models with high quality and excellent design. All arms are complied with GB50074—2002 Code for Design of Petroleum Depots and HG/T21608-96 Liquid Loading/Unloading Arm, and all the components of arms are produced under our strict control, inspections and tests have been done to ensure their quality.
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  Double track support swivel joint and teflon seal ring preventing leakage
  Spring cylinder balancer that can keep balance freely makes operation easier and laborsaving;
  Move with the tank truck within the normal moving range during loading/unloading;
  Only a small space is occupied as it is parallel with the tank truck when locked in storage status.
  Pneumatic operating system can be equipped for full-automatic operation;
  Various flexible accessories can ensure work safety and environment protection.
  Electric/hydraulic/pneumatic submersible oil pump system can be equipped on the loading arm as required by the user.

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